Here is a story of a little mouse

Who was as smart as he could be

“I’m going to see Santa make his trip,” he said.

There’s nobody fooling me.”



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So the mouse, I think his name was Angus

Hitched a ride on a passing star.

“Take me out past the Milky Way,”  he said.

“But be sure not to go too far. “


“Why the trip,” the star asked with a twinkle

“On such a cold snowy night?”

“Because I want to see Santa on his midnight ride.

I hear each star shines especially  bright.”


“Well, that’s true,” the merry star responded

 “We all take on an extra glow.”

But to see Santa sledding through the sky?”

That’s one of life’s mysteries that we’ll never know.”


But Angus was insistent

He had to see it for himself

“Please,” he pleaded with the star

“Just drop me off on any celestial shelf.”


“Well, the moon’s as good a place as any

 It’s warm, and gets a really good view

I think it would make the perfect spot

And I’m sure she would welcome you.”


So the star dropped off little Angus

 As the moon gave an understanding nod

“This isn’t the first little creature,” she said

“To try and uncover the secrets of God.”


“Hop on and make yourself comfy,”

The moon said to Angus with a glow.

“I’m not sure when Santa will be passing

But he comes this way every year, I know.”


So now Angus was very excited

At last he would have his dream come true.

He would see Santa and his reindeer

Perhaps even a helpful elf or two.


Through the long hours Angus waited

The moon made nary a peep

When Santa passed, he sprinkled angel dust and chuckled

For Angus was fast asleep!


“It’s nice to know life’s secrets,”

Santa said, in praise of being wise

“But some things must always be kept delightfully mysterious

 If we want to keep sparkle in everybody’s eyes.”

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