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david prown 120Not a fan auto racing, so was not jonesing to see the film “Ford vs. Ferrari”.  Not a fan of movies as long as 2 hr & 32 minutes, so again was not jonesing to see the film “Ford vs Ferrari”

But 2 friends said it was a “must see” and they were right!!!!

Definitely a bit confusing in the beginning of this film to delineate who was who as you had the Ford, Ferrari & Fiat companies represented. Then you have Lee Iaccoa of the Chrysler car company fame working for Ford (True)  Famous car designer name Shelby designing cars for Ford (Also Tre). Add in that this is about the American car company featuring has a British race care driver (Ken Miles played by Christian Bale who rocks this role).  Bale’s co-star is legendary car designed Carroll Shelby plus excellently by Matt Damon.

Loved how they built this true story of the huge, yet unexciting, Ford Car Company marketing efforts to enhance and stimulate their branding image by entering the realm of grand prix auto racing.  After being rebuffed from buying the Italian Ferrari company (from the world famous Enzo Ferrari) by Henry Ford Jr., they latter sets out to beat the former on the grandest racing state of them all, the 24 hours of Le Mans race.

It was a race in many ways and boy was this film quite joy to watch on many levels.  Again, like me and many, have no interest in auto-racing. “Ford vs. Ferrari” roars past any obstacles and takes all segments of the audience and a terrific ride.  


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Thoroughly enjoyed


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