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david prown 120Never would have gone to see the move “Parasite” simply based on the title.  Saw a short explanation about the film and that didn’t float my boat. However, a couple of weeks ago, 2 folks

In my life …from very different parts in my life, “hinted” I should go.  The dichotomy of these good folks really caught my attention and knew I had to go see.

FYI, this movie set in Korea, has subtitles so sit towards the back of the theatre…always works out better and easier to see words and images in 1 visual.

Seemingly this film is about a highly affluent family  (and disconnected family with all sorts of issues) and one that is immensely poor yet very close knit and happy).  Twist of fate intertwines these 2 families in a clever con and we watch this play out. Then the twist when ones guard is lowered and WOW WHAT A TWIST.

We go from PG to R quick and folks it really works!  So well crafted, scripted, casted and more. Films revolving around class struggle and differences probably aren’t that unique, but this 2 hour film is totally engaging and grabs your attention.  Love the pacing and the curveballs.


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“Parasite” WAS NOT forgettable – really good one


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