david prown 120

david prown 120Just love when I bump into unexpected film homerun  as I did with “THE GOOD LIAR” starring the seriously iconic British acting duo of Helen Mirren & Ian McKellen

Who knows if I saw a preview and really not recalling any specific word of mouth.  Attended a 4:15pm weekday show AND IT WAS PACKED. Specifically only the 1st 2 rows were available. I am 60 and yes DEFINITELY the youngest in the audience…by a good bit.  All good…loyal fans.

At least 1 of these 2 legends was in every movie shot and when together, you knew you were getting a cinematic treat.  Was it a con?;, was it a sincere relationship between 2 widowers,?; or something else?

Really not sure why this movie was rated R but that’s not my call.  The magic here is watching the amazing acting faces of these 2 ubers.  Watch the eyebrows, watch the corners of the mouth; watch the minute facial recognition and what a joy!  Add in old school, throw back music to support this game of “cat & mouse” and simply let “The Good Liar” wash over you.

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A real gem of a film.  Doubtful for any awards but simply a gem.


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