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david prown 120When I first saw the previews for JOJO RABBITT, I immediately thought of those quirky off-beat comedies of Bill Murray like Grand Budapest or Moonrise Kingdom.  Even though there was Hitler/Nazi themes in the 1st 10 minutes, I thought I was in for another fun, mindless Film. DANG….Wrong again.

JOJO RABBITT simply got boring and yes serious.  Set in Germany during WW11, Jojo is a non violent 10 year with a single Mom (Scarlett Johnansen) who is hiding a Jewish young teen in their attic.   The movie goes in many directions and non are fully developed. Jojo’s imaginery friendship with an oddly fun Adolph Hitler, is actually some of the more original parts of the movie.

Noted actors Sam Rockwell & Rebel Wilson both have edgy pro-nazi Germany roles which was uncomforatable.  Loved Jojo’s best friend Yorki….now that pairing they should have built the film around.

This was not an enjoyable movie and led to chunks of napping.  I know I didn’t miss anything.



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