To the residents of Atlantic Highlands

I feel I must write regarding the many rumors and talk about replacing our Borough Administrator Adam Hubeny.

I feel any change would be the worst mistake that could be made by any administration.

I was part of the administration in the 1970s that felt that our town needed an administrator to oversee the operations of the town rather than a part time Mayor and Council.

The first two administrators were hired from out of town and although it worked so some extent we felt more that the administrator should be from town. I have known all of the named administrators and we followed with J. Leonard Clark, John Phair and Adam Hubeny. 

I think all of these men Mr. Hubeny has been the most  knowledgeable, experienced, and the person best suited to oversee the many departments in town…police, harbor, water and sewer, street department, sanitation and all the employees of the town.

Why, you ask do,  I write this letter? It is my belief that the Mayor and Council should put to rest these rumors and declare that Mr. Hubeny will continue to be our Borough Administrator in 2020.


Richard C. Stryker

Atlantic Highlands, NJ


Mr. Stryker is a lifelong resident, businessman and former Mayor of Atlantic Highlands

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