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david prown 120Twice in a row i have been snookered by Rotten Tomatoes with big time critic and audience reviews.  “Brittany Runs A Marathon” just didn’t work for me and clearly is not a comedy as the films’ marketers implied.

This is a downer movie about a sad, overweight, sort of mean, not very accomplished, lonely, single nearly 30 year old woman in NYC.  Early in film, not feeling very well, she heads off to a cheap doctor in hopes for sympathy and some Adderall. 

He nicely scolds her on her weight, BMI, and other health issues.  In short, Brittany (played very well by Jillian Bell) takes his advise to heart and starts running.  Soon she joins a local running club where she meets 2 very kind, loyal friends with their own unique issues.

Thru thick and thin they were consistently loyal and sensitive to Brittany, while in most cases, she did not reciprocate.  Same can be said of her relationship with her sort of boyfriend…it was all about Brittany.

Does she eventually run the NYC marathon – yes, does she finish due to 


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wonderful support of these friends.  And at the end, maybe she turned out nicer. Sincerely, I can’t remember and don’t really care.

Too much meanness in this world and the 2 hours spent watching “B.R.A.M” was utterly forgettable.  However her friends and boyfriend were most kind and deserve the applause.

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