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david prown 120PEANUT BUTTER FALCON may not be a true story but it truly rocks as the audience wants it to be true. How amazing in this day in age, to see the 3 lead actors to be cast in characters steadfastly sincere and kind.

The lead actor (Zack Gottsagen) has Down’s Syndrome and plays Zac with the same Medical condition. The audience LOVES ZAC. Essentially an adult ward of the state, this young adult is placed wrongly in a nursing home and he has to get out. Totally juiced to pursue his dream to be a professional wrestler, he breaks out (in his underwear) literally sprinting miles to get to the desired professional wrestling school and the home of his hero.

In short, he encounters another runaway, a local misguided young man from the fishing/crabbing community. Played beautifully by well known Shia LeBeouf who on the run from locals he owes money to.

In short. these seemlngly polar opposites, learn they are kindred spirits who immensely inspire and help each go forward. Their quickly found friendship is deep and highly respectful.

Zac’s case worker is played wonderfully by Dakota Johnson. Clearly she has a magical heart and struggled with “rules”. Together the 3 quickly find common ground.


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Love how the story line is not polished and smooth. Just goes forward to tell a story of unexpected friendship and support.

Not flashy…very special.


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