david prown 120

david prown 120“Good Boys” stunned me with the quality of the script and the casting.  Laughed my butt off for the 1st 75 minutes of this edgy R-rated Comedy (language).

Flick was not on my radar till 1 of my college employees said it was really good.  Then Rotten Tomatoes gave it a terrific audience ranking.

Seriously, how interesting can a movie be about 3 best friend 12 year old boys; surviving the drama of middle school and stressing about an upcoming Spin-the-Bottle party.

Not only was my years as a 12 year old not remotely like the lives of these boys (heck my years were no where near that edgy at 22).  You really like these boys and can empathize with their struggle to remain a kid while clearly feeling the pull of teenage angst.

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This movie is hilarious if you let your hair down and go with the flow.  Don’t freak out wondering if this truly the life of today’s 12 year olds.  Just enjoy, seriously laugh and then stress out when you go home.

The language, teenage ying & yang of surviving and some of the themes are freaky but extremely entertaining.


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