david prown 120

david prown 120I will be 1st to admit that I first drank the BRUCE KOOL-AID some 40 years ago and never stopped drinking. In full disclosure, my 2 Younger went to see Mr. Springsteen in concert a few years before that and I remember teasing them mercilessly. What a loser I was/am!

So a major motion picture immersed with Bruce tunes (didn’t matter which but they were all awesome!) plus a new Bruce tune… I was going!

Based on the true story of a Pakastani teen (Javed) living in Luton, England. A good kid leading a rudderless life. Dad/household extremely culturally strict. Hometown portrayed with a strong racist faction complete with the “Send Paki’s home” mantra In spoken word and graffiti (hmm…).

Includes other side stories too that are important as they are real yet prevents the film “flowing” as much as a fiction story line film does. The magic occurs when he is introduced to Bruce cassettes and the words totally capture and inspire Javed to break out

Kudos to highly encouraging English teacher and quiet neighbor who spoke up to Javid publicly making his voice (his writings) public.


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Lastly, I love a good movie when I tear up (good or sad tears). But I was stunned that in a predictable father/son scene, big time tear drops flowed – wow.

I know the mini photo collage of his actual Mecca trip to the Jersey Shore/visit Bruce places may play to a small audience but raised a big smile here.

BRUCE!! Nice film


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