MIDDLETOWN, NJ –  Happiness of the residents concerning the care they receive was one of the wide scope of findings the NJ Department of Health concluded following their annual survey of Care One King Hames Care Center, in June.

    The news was a highlight of the quarterly The King’s Page bulletin issued by the care center which also included information about the 14 new hires to the Care Center staff, including three LPS, one RN, and other members of the nursing, and dietary staffs, as well as an announcement that Linda Richardson had been promoted to Unit 3 manager.

     Administrator Andrew Kahane told the residents in the bulletin the annual survey by the state includes a week long visit by state professionals who inspect, visit, converse with residents and guests, and check a wide scope of areas from medication control and containment, to food and liquids, temperatures in all areas, emergency preparedness and storage rooms and space. 

     Kahane told The Monmouth Journal that while the state survey has not yet been posted, he is anticipating a high overall rating, since the facility received higher ratings than the last three annual surveys in many categories, which were all judged excellent. Currently, Care One at King James has a four star rating.

   Kahane also pointed out that the state survey coincided with the major overall renovation program that is ongoing and almost finished in the 50 year old facility. With the renovations of rooms on two  of the three stations near completion, the first station rooms are the last to be renovated. The renovations have included reflooring, painting, bathrooms rehabilitation, and ceilings  replacement,  using new and improved materials that ensure cleanliness, ease of cleaning, comfort and safety. Kahane said he was pleased  the long term plan has been working well with the least inconvenience to residents, a feeling also repeated by many residents and their guests.  

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Jackson Pines and Cranston Dean in residency at Langosta Lounge in Asbury Park
Jackson Pines and Cranston Dean at Langosta

    The administrator expressed his thanks to the residents and staff for both hard work and patience and credited both for their cooperation in making the work move quickly and smoothly as possible with the least change and discomfort for the residents. Since the work was done in stages, residents were able to be temporarily moved to another room until their own room was completed, then were re-established in their own more familiar surroundings of their refurbished former room.

    Kahane congratulated staff for the positive comments by residents during the state survey. “What stuck out the most (to the survey team, in addition to many other positive comments,) was “how happy our residents are with the care they receive.” He conceded that “the survey process can be very stressful for all, and everyone at King James played a huge part in the process.”

      Survey results are posted in the front lobby area of the facility, and anyone is invited to review them.

    Kahane also announced in the newsletter that summer activities ranging from Yoga, beach parties, professional poker and biweekly barbecues are continuing, with a  family event planned for Aug. 28, and the numerous winners  of the annual Monmouth County Fair arts and crafts activities announced and feted at  a celebration at the nursing home next week.  Residents have participated in the county fair contests for many years and have always had winners in some or all of the categories each year.    

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