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david prown 120For any baby boomer, The Beatles were quintessential and most impactful musical band of our era with the most magical of songs, albums and allure (and by the looks of the Audience, some degree of the “Greatest Generation” agrees)

So for the last several months when I saw the most enticing preview “YESTERDAY”,  I told myself just had to see this film opening night. Clearly 100% fiction, this story of almost Disney-esque movie magic and celebration of iconic songs hinted at the movie hit of the summer.

Add in a NON A-List leads combined with gifted director Danny Boyle (of “Slumdog Millionaire” fame)  movie goers had to be excited and i personally heard plenty of advance water cooler talk. (Supporting actors Ed Sherran as himself and the ever soaring Kate McKinnon take the movie even further).

The trick to me going into this movie was two fold.  I really wanted the movie to stay true to the previews and not go rogue in some crazy other direction.  Secondly, was concerned how they were going to sustain this premise over the length of an entire movie.

I can report back that they EXCEEDED both my concerns and slaughtered this film in all the right ways.  The gentile, warm story line


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Combined excellent supporting story lines and YESTERDAY soars!!

The lead Himesh Patel plays the struggling Jack Malick and was perfectly cast!  Most likable, wonderful innocence while struggling with the truth of his songs and nice job singing.   We love his manager played by young Lily James, her loyalty to Jack and their simmering feelings for each other.

The songs, the songs, the songs!!.  Plenty of reasons to go see this summer fun film and the story  turn at the end leaves the audience with huge smiles


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