david prown 120

david prown 120It has taken me 3 weeks to write the review for “Booksmart” which got really good reviews/ratings.Was not on my radar yet always like a good young persons movie as long as it has a workable theme. Stayed awake the entire time hoping to find the magic that so many reviewers posted on Rotten Tomatoes.

I waited and waited and waited. Liked the non A-list leads and supporting characters. Essentially 2 uber smart female best friends who spend every waking hour of their HS years studying/plannings/looking towards the future. Meanwhile, all their knucklehead classmates are wild and crazy partyers who disrespect academics, authority rules and more.

Alas the last day of school, the 2 leads learn that many of these “knuckleheads” got accepted to premier academic schools too despite “having fun”. So the dynamic duo are so despondent that they did everything by the book and landed at the same place. Hence, they decide on graduation night to go “hell’s bells” to make up for all they lost/missed out on.

The result is irrelevant…film doesn’t work. Sorry folks



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