Congressman Pallone,

As a senior citizen living in New Jersey, we are getting squeezed hard enough as it is. Property taxes are simply out of control, and it seems like there’s no end in sight. So, when I read about new proposals like the “Rebate Rule” being pushed by Washington insiders, I have to wonder what these bureaucrats are thinking!

If the so-called Rebate Rule were to become law, it would allow pharmaceutical companies to be virtually unchecked when it comes to the pricing of their drugs. This would lead to higher premiums and more out of pocket costs, especially for senior citizens and Medicare recipients. It is estimated that Medicare Part D premiums will increase by a staggering 25%!

As a constituent of Congressman Frank Pallone (and as someone who votes in every election), I can only hope the Congressman would be opposed to such a rule, and that he would not side with the big pharmaceutical companies. 



Jane Frotton
Atlantic Highlands, NJ

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