Certainly James Holzhauer, the second highest winner (so far) on Jeopardy has captured the minds and hearts of millions of people as he soars through every category on the popular tv program.

But even more importantly is the fact Mr. Holzhauer has such a broad spectrum of knowledge of an even broader range of subjects. And he attributes much of it to the importance the library has played in his life… more specifically, the children’s library!

The Nevada resident has made it clear that the children’s library is a source of great information and fun for every adult. On a recent program, he cited the variety of subjects covered in children’s books, as well as the ease of reading short sentences coupled with vivid photos that bring the message home. 

Our Monmouth County Library and all its branches has wonderful children’s libraries, with not only old favorites parents and grandparents enjoy reading to youngsters but also modern technology and resources that today’s children absorb and use.

I would encourage readers of all ages to stop in the library just for fun; go into the children’s session and pick up a book to bring back fond memories, capture a magical moment, or start on a new and exciting adventure. And I would further encourage all parents to take advantage of the free resources our Monmouth County library branches offer on a daily basis…for that matter, a round-the-clock basis from within your home.

James Holzhauer may be one of the winningest people on Jeopardy, but we are all winners who take advantage of our Monmouth County library Headquarters and all its branches.



Renee B. Swartz


Monmouth County Library Commission


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