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david prown 120I am sure I have seen most “Madea” movies and cannot recall one from another.  Not many laughs nor many tears nor action. It is all about the characters (both the ones director/writer Tyler Perry plays and all the others).  

I’m not going to research whether they reproductions of folks in Mr. Perry’s life or his imaginative mind.  I am just intrigued by his trademark cast mixture of unique, lower socio-economic, social skills challenged older characters combined with downright gorgeous young people (men and women).

Love the lessons and words the “elders” espouse to the youngin’s & the latters sincere love and respect for this older/less polished lot.

At the end of the day, the character Madea is utterly brilliant and unforgettable in each movie.  She is rough, crude and over the top yet highly grounded, consistent and essentially the rock of the family.  Every time she speaks, her character owns the screen.

The crazy endless turns of Madea’s family and their stories we have all heard before. Rather it is the eclectic mix of characters and various levels of wisdom/advise carry the film.  As odd as the messenger might be, the message always has a degree of heart and realism.

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