In the face of the expected passage of the bill to legalize marijuana in N.J., I find it important for the Mayor and Council to protect the town, and approve an ordinance to prevent the retail sale, recreational sale of or the cultivation of marijuana in Atlantic Highlands.

The state is ignoring the recommendations to not legalize by Health Officials, educators and Law Enforcement police. This bill if approved is opposed by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the American College of Pediatrics, and over 70 other towns in New Jersey as well as the Police Chiefs Association. It is felt that the legalization age restrictions on who can purchase this drug will not keep it out of the hands of minors. Some as young as 12 and 14 are already vaping flavored liquids and will add marijuana to this recipe. The Police are having or will have problem with DUI with marijuana and see the increase accident totals of States which allow the use.

Many of our surrounding towns have already taken the position of not wanting growing or cultivation of marijuana, along with retail shops waiting for this law to be passed. Do we want our town to become a hub for retail sales and growth?

Marijuana is still a Class I controlled substance. Higher in status in the U.S than Heroin and Oxycontin. How long before marijuana will be available that it will be spiked with other drugs to make it more potent and dangerous. Save our town and protect our youth and residents from the attempt to raise tax money for the State. This seems to be the main reason for any legislative change in our laws.

Richard C Stryker
Former Mayor
Atlantic Highlands NJ

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