On Friday night January 11, while working at Danny’s, we smelled smoke and could not locate the origin right away.  I called the RBFD who came and put out the fire and saved Danny’s Steakhouse that I have had for 49 years.

The entire apartment which takes up the entire up 2nd floor of the building and has been my home for quite a few years has to be totally brought up to code and is now gutted.

That is the reason for this story is what we found. The fire was started from wires in the ceiling/ attic that were installed sometime in the 1930’s called cork and tube. It overheated and started a beam on fire. With the ceiling, walls and various areas now gutted we found these old wires had been what carried electric to the entire 2nd floor.

That was scary enough but as we opened the walls we found gas pipes that lead to every ceiling light fixture in the apartment. They were there from the time that houses had gas lights in the ceilings for lighting. I had no idea the building was that old. By 1925, only half the houses in the U.S. had electric wiring.

So now the scary part…as these pipes were about to be removed for the new wiring we found out immediately that the GAS LINES WERE STILL LIVE and had never been cut off. That means, had there been a fire in the electric boxes in the ceiling…it could have been a blow torch or a major explosion.

With many of the homes in our area dating back to the early 1900’s it might be a good idea to check out the areas above the ceiling in these older homes. A number of builders have seen these gas lines before but never had any of them been active. Also the old wiring from the early 1920’s could still be working in the ceilings of our older homes.



Daniel Murphy, Jr.
Danny Steakhouse
Red Bank, NJ

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