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david prown 120Movie previews/ commercials sometimes tell you everything a film is about and other times give you quite a different story. Hence I just try to take a whiff of a preview, trust my gut instinct and move on.

“Green Book” previews gave you a possibly sense of a “Driving Miss Daisy”

flip flop with a similar development of an unlikely friendship. Combine this black/white relationship set in the deep south in the nasty 60’s added to my interest and plus my interest to learn if this story was real

Let me keep it short, “Green Book” starring Mahershala Ali as the affluent, polished, regal classical pianist Dr. Shirley & Viggo Mortensen in the best role of his life as the stereotypical NYC Italian-American business “muscle”

make a most perplexing pair that evolves beautifully.

The relationship grows slowly with great respect despite their huge differences at so many levels. Dr. Shirley’s eyes were wide open knowing first hand what type of employee he needed to accomplish a difficult task. He kept his eye on the ball hearing and then observing Tony the Lip (Mortensen) perform his specific job superbly and uniquely. The Lip’s loyalty to “his boss” and his focus on the importance of the job at hand to bring home good $ to his family kept him totally focused.

The race tension in their relationship and in their worlds was handled well and clearly. This was a fabulous film and the explanation of the what the real Green Book is shocking yet vital in that world.

Arguably movie of the year…evolves beautifully and peaks majestically at the end.


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