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david prown 120As a late baby boomer, the rock band Queen was a major player in my formative high school and college years of musical appreciation.

Though I went to lots of concerts, I sure don’t remember Queen coming to Connecticut yet do clearly recall stories of lead singer Freddie Mercury and monstrous musical chops. Queen songs were notable with a distinct sound with memorable words fro easy singing along (even today)

So, to me, that is the magic of the film “Bohemian Rhapsody” where lead singer Mercury, played amazingly well played by Rami Malek, and his longtime band mates create & perform their iconic tunes.

Raised in a pretty strict Indian family in Britain as Farrokh Bulsara, Freddie clearly marches to a different beat running 180 from his family and cultural traditions. He has is own social drive, musical feel and an evolving sexuality.

As a non artist, I love films that give me a front row seat to musical creativity. Clearly Mercury and his bandmates had strong ideas on song development that challenged conventional thinking while exploiting their artistic genius and sound. Add in Mercury’s amazing vocal skill, on stage style and a musical vision, Queen quickly moved far apart from other bands in its day. And the reward of their genius is the timelessness of their repertoire which is hugely popular nearly 40 years after they began.

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The casting of Freddie Mercury was incredible as we watched this young man with an early Mick Jagger facial look & mouth structure discover his musical genius and creativity. Later in life as Mercury’s sexual tendencies and persona evil, one thinks we are watching a member of the band the Village People.

His struggle with AIDS and early death only add to his aura as an historic musical genius in a very talented and visionary band. Loved how the film showed the musical importance of the bandmates in creating the sound, structure and feel of their songs. They stuck together for a long time.

Lastly you definitely want to see this movie on the big screen in a big theater with excellent sound.

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