david prown 120

david prown 120Noted actor Jonah Hill’s directorial debut with “mid90s” simply is my kind of film.

I like somewhat edgy movies with angst and young people. Set in LA obviously in the 90’s where a fatherless Stevie really isn’t too connected with single Mom (Katherine Waterston – yes daughter of Sam, who is very good actress in her own right) and older brother by half a dozen years (played by soaring Lucas Hedges) who he adores but not close.

Stevie (nicknamed “Sunburn”) connects with a group of 4 “hanging out” skateboarders. His quiet nature and toughness (arguably craziness) welcomes himself to most of them and he gets to tag along at their store/hang out, on the streets, at parties and the streets.

His innocence, kind smile and gentle self confidence allows him to fit with the friends and their friends despite being several years younger.

Stevie (Sunny Suljic) is perfectly cast and slaughters this role. Folks might call this a coming of age film but not me.
Because home is not very healthy nor welcoming, this mixed group of skateboarders becomes his new family. Yes he experiences things earlier than he should (disrespect of authority, smoking, drinking, girls), it is not over the edge and presented believably.

Lots to like about mid90s but particularly Stevie. You quietly root for him and are okay with his edginess experimenting as he seems to do a good job of getting near (but not crossing) the important lines in life.

Movie does not provide a nice, gift wrapped ending which worked for me.




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