To The Editor:

I am proud to support Atlantic Highlands Council candidate James Murphy in this year’s borough election.  As a former councilman for Atlantic Highlands and former elected school board member to Henry Hudson Regional School, I believe that Jim is the right person to help lead Atlantic Highlands in the right direction during these crucial crossroads.

Jim and I have known each other for over 20 years as fellow alumni back to the Coach Whitehead glory days of the Henry Hudson Cross Country team.  Aside from running as fast as we can, ingrained into our character were qualities of honor, integrity, honesty, and resiliency.  These qualities are immutable and helped guide the decisions we made on the course and continue to instruct our lives every single day.  Most importantly, however, we were taught never to run away from anything.  Rather, we were taught to run for something.  Jim is now running for the best interests of every single resident and business owner in Atlantic Highlands with strong ownership of all the great qualities of a member of a local governing body. 

Atlantic Highlands faces no shortage of challenges.  Its demography is in flux, its funding streams are scarce, and its demands are high.  People of strong character are needed to face these challenges, forge new solutions, and build consensus amongst its stakeholders to achieve success through the marches of time.  Look no further than James Murphy.

Jim is a life-long resident of Atlantic Highlands and no stranger to its past challenges and the necessities of a path forward.  As a local businessman, he has solidified the skills we learned in high school to seek creative design and fiscal prudence to assist other in the pursuit of the American dream. 

Most of all, Jim is first-and-foremost a family man and wants the best for his children’s lifetimes in Atlantic Highlands.  He possesses the skills of a great listener and an empathic leader.  No one leaves a conversation with Jim feeling poorly about themselves or that their concerns weren’t heard.  Quite the opposite, people engage with Jim because they know they have found compassion in a determined ally for productive solutions to problems.

Supporting James Murphy was not a choice I made lightly inasmuch as I am aware of the choice that the residents of Atlantic Highlands have earned the constitutional right to make through their vote on November 6 may not be an easy one.  On Tuesday, ignore party lines, personal biases, and national/state politics.  Make the most important, energetic, impactful local choice:  James Murphy for Atlantic Highlands Council. 

Respectfully submitted,


Tom Hayden
Former Councilman
Borough of Atlantic Highlands


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