To the Editor:

The day after Donald Trump was inaugurated as president, I joined with millions of people and walked in the Women’s March to protest his demeaning attitude toward women, exemplified by his infamous “pussy” remarks. My Congressman Chris Smith had not spoken out to defend me and all the women in his constituency, so I walked to make myself heard.

When Trump withdrew the US from the Paris Climate Accord, my Congressman Chris Smith supported this action in a partisan way, saying that he agreed with the withdrawal, calling the Accord “all-pain, no-gain.” I believe that the environment needs our most urgent attention, so I walked in the Climate March to express my concern, since my congressman would not support the wishes of his constituency.

When the Trump administration decided to put a ban on travelers to our country based on their religion, Smith, a tireless supporter of refugee rights, should those refugees be Christian, called the Muslim travel ban a “necessarily enhanced vetting process.” I walked to oppose the Muslim ban.

It’s time for citizens of the 4th Congressional district to keep walking. I am going to walk to the polls on Election Day and vote for Josh Welle. Join me and make it a successful march! 


Lorraine Tosiello, MD
Bradley Beach, NJ


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