On November 6th, residents of New Jersey’s Fourth Congressional District must choose between 38-year incumbent Chris Smith and Navy veteran Josh Welle. Voters should consider who will really fight for them when the stakes are high.

Chris Smith claims he “gets results.” What results exactly?

When his party’s tax overhaul punished NJ by eliminating the SALT deduction, Smith voted “no” but didn’t say a word. Other Republicans from high-tax states were on TV fighting for their constituents. Not Smith.

Smith voted against and lied about and the ACA for years claiming it would destroy the economy, end Medicaid, and cause seniors and the disabled to lose benefits. Those lies helped bring his party to the brink of removing healthcare for 23 million Americans. Smith voted “no,” but didn’t make any effort to persuade his colleagues; he was silent. Now Republicans want to remove coverage for those with pre-existing conditions. Think Smith will go to bat for them?

The 2008 financial crisis hurt everyone through job losses, foreclosures, plummeting home values, and crashed retirement accounts. To prevent another disaster, Congress passed Dodd-Frank which contained new safeguards and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, an agency that has returned $12.4 billion to American families. Smith voted against Dodd-Frank. Did those families not deserve the money and new protections?

These are Smith’s “results.” Despite 38 years, no influence or effort to lead. It’s time to elect a representative who will fight for his constituents when it matters most. It’s time for Josh Welle.

Greg DeLuca
Robbinsville, NJ


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