Healthcare is important to my family.  Last year my brother received treatment through the Affordable Care Act that saved his life.  Congressman Chris Smith voted against the ACA when it passed in 2010.  Over the next 6 years, he voted multiple times to restrict or repeal many of the provisions, but the legislation failed.  If Smith had been successful, my brother’s story might be very different. 

In July 2017, when the ACA was in danger of being repealed, Smith repeatedly  refused to hold an open  meeting to hear our concerns.   We resorted to letters, phone calls, and rallies outside his office.  Only after this outpouring from voters did Smith agree to vote against the repeal. How will he vote the next time?  I don’t know.  How will he vote on proposed changes to Medicare and Social Security?  I don’t know.  Smith’s track record does not inspire me with confidence.

I want someone I can trust to represent my family.  I want Josh Welle.  Over the last few months he has held multiple open Town Hall Meetings.  He has listened to voters on many issues.  He understands the importance of healthcare.  On November 6,  I am voting to protect my family.  I am voting for Josh Welle.

Rosemary Wright
Ocean Grove, NJ



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