On November 6th, residents of New Jersey’s Fourth Congressional District have an opportunity to elect a new representative. I am happy to support Josh Welle.

First and foremost, Welle will not compromise on civil rights. He believes everyone deserves equal protection under the law regardless of what they look like or who they love, and that women should make their own reproductive choices. Anything less is unacceptable in 2018.

Welle supports banning assault rifles, high-capacity magazines, and keeping firearms away from domestic abusers. He recognizes the moral and economic necessity of universal healthcare, and will fight to restore the SALT deduction. He wants greater investment in universal Pre-K, public education, and community colleges to keep residents competitive in the workforce and drive the economy.

However, I’m especially pleased with Welle’s temperament and commitment to accuracy. His answers to policy questions are thoughtful and realistic. For every issue, Welle recognizes the complexity of the situation and the challenges proposed solutions will face.

I often cite Welle’s visit to the southern border as an example. Welle did not equivocate that tearing children from their parents was reprehensible, not an effective deterrent, and that people have a right to claim asylum. But he also interviewed border patrol agents, residents, and those caring for the children to hear their perspective. He acknowledged that security is important, but that we can achieve it without betraying our ideals. And he emphasized the need for immigration reform that reflects economic realities and upholds our values.

In Josh Welle, we would have a leader who bases decisions not on political safety or adherence to dogma, but a careful consideration of the facts and a firm commitment to fundamental rights we should all share.

That’s responsible leadership. That’s what we need in Congress.

Gregory DeLuca
Robbinsville, NJ


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