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holmdel town hallThe Holmdel Office of the Mayor issued the following statement:

Earlier this year the Holmdel Township committee recognized a need in our community for a Fire Protection Consultant.

At the May 22nd meeting, the Township Committee voted to adopt a resolution awarding a contract to Dr. Harry R. Carter PH.D, LLC for the completion of a study of the Fire Department Master Plan. Prior to his hire, Dr. Carter submitted a proposal to Committeeman Rocco Pascucci, which included a timeline for the study’s completion and an itemized list of topics the report will review.



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“Dr. Carter has dedicated his entire career to fire safety. We couldn’t have a more experienced professional analyzing every aspect of our Fire Department and fire safety protocols,” Committeeman Pascucci said of Dr. Carter, who is a Doctor of Philosophy in Fire Service Administration and has served as a Municipal Fire Protection Consultant since 1980.

“This report will be in-depth, including interviews with the top staff of the fire department and township personnel. Evaluations of our fire assets and all previous reports that were completed will be included,” Pascucci added. “Based upon his own independent findings, Dr. Carter will make recommendations for a plan that he feels would best serve Holmdel and its residents. The Township Committee looks forward to reviewing his report.”

This August, Dr. Carter began collecting data and reviewing information about the township’s fire safety personnel, equipment, and procedures. He is scheduled to conduct interviews with members of the Holmdel Township Fire Department, the township committee, mutual aid fire departments, municipal government officials, and other interested parties in the near future.

A draft of the study is due to be submitted to the Holmdel Township Committee in November, before a final report is completed and delivered to the public at a meeting date in December.

The final document will discuss potential fire risks, fire safety demands and a status report of our developing community, as well as the Holmdel Township Fire Department’s organizational structures and potential for shared services with surrounding municipalities.

Dr. Carter will provide a comprehensive analysis of our fire station locations, personnel staffing, retention, and recruitment methods, and deployment and response times.

This thorough analysis aims to equip the township with a blueprint for improving standard operating procedures and protocols, and inform how we supply our personnel with educational training programs and facility and equipment upgrades that will enhance the safety of both our fire fighters and residents. “The primary purpose of the township committee is to ensure our residents have a safe environment to call home, and the Fire Department plays a major role in providing our community with that sense of security,” Mayor Tom Critelli said. “This governing body is willing to explore any avenue that will improve the mechanisms by which our fire safety personnel serve our residents, and this study will only support our efforts to help create a safer and stronger future for Holmdel.”


Dr. Harry R. Carter Background

Dr. Carter is a specialist in community fire risk analysis, fire department master planning, fire department operations and apparatus, and fire department deployment studies, and has developed fire department operational programs for rural, suburban, and urban clients.

He is a member of the New Jersey State Fire Training and Education Subcommittee of the State Fire Commission, and has completed reports and studies for the New Jersey Planning Council for Fire Education and Training, and PEOSHA Respiratory Protection Standard for the New Jersey Division of Fire Safety.

Carter is currently the Fire Commissioner and Board Chairman for Howell Township, a position he had held since 2000. From 1973 to 1999 he served as a Fire Chief and Division Commander for the City of Newark. From 1966 to 1970 Carter was a member of the United States Air Force Fire Department, and from 1976 to 1991 he served as the State Fire Marshall for the New Jersey Army National Guard.

Dr. Carter has authored nearly 3,000 articles for a multitude of journals and publications related to fire fighting and fire safety, and holds six degrees, including a Doctor of Philosophy in Fire Service Administration from Western States University for Professional Studies (1984), a Master of Arts in Public Policy Analysis from Rutgers University (1979), and a Bachelor of Science in Fire Safety Administration from Jersey City State College (1976).

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