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police cruisersHIGHLANDS, NJ – On 07/26/2018 Det. George Ruth noticed two bicycles in the yard of a home that was being raised. Because Det. Ruth has looked at this property many times he knew that these bikes didn’t belong in the yard and he stopped to investigate. Upon his investigation he found two juveniles who had climbed the cribbing of this raised home to “explore” its interior. The juveniles were found to be in possession of property that did not appear to have come from this home which was under construction. The juveniles were transported to HQ, the property was confiscated and they were released to their parents.

The next day a resident came in to report that his home had been burglarized. He reported that items were moved around his home and that he was missing property. It just so happened that the items that were found on the juveniles the day before were taken from his home.


A home is a safe space for a family. Not knowing who entered that safe space can be incredibly intrusive. An unsolved burglary will often times have lasting effects on a person. The victim of an unsolved burglary can be further victimized any time there is a creak in the floor or the wind howls. Are they back? Do they want to hurt me? Providing closure to a victim in these situations is incredibly important to allowing them to get back to their normal lives.

In this situation Det. Ruth was able to provide closure to these victims. They now know exactly who was in their home. It wasn’t a murderous villain. It was kids who unfortunately made a bad decision. They don’t have to be fearful of an unknown bad guy.

We had this positive outcome because like all of our officers, Det. Ruth knows our neighborhood. You may not always see exactly what we are doing but you can be rest assured that we are watching your property. We know when something isn’t right. We are here for you.

As always call us if you need us.

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