Monmouth County SPCA
Monmouth County SPCA

mc spcaEATONTOWN, NJ  – The Monmouth County SPCA recently announced that their Freehold satellite location will be closing as of October 1st 2018. The Freehold Adoption Center business model was created six years ago and was the first New Jersey retail location of its kind. The Freehold location was a program designed to offer the alternative to adopt a homeless animal rather than purchase dogs from puppy mill breeders, where young female purebreds are used to produce litter after litter, in deplorable conditions. Since the launch of the Freehold location in 2012, 126 towns have passed anti-puppy mill measures making New Jersey the leader in the country for local ordinances passed.

The Freehold location stemmed from a new approach using the retail model of pet stores but changing the sourcing of the animals, helping to make adoptable animals more accessible to the public. The satellite location has also served as an information center where the public could learn about puppy mills, spaying, neutering and community cat services. With the ever-increasing popularity of the “Adopt, Don’t Shop” movement, rescuing animals has become somewhat of a status symbol among all generations, that of which people are proud to showcase.

To fulfill the supply and demand for adoptable animals, The Monmouth County SPCA developed partnerships with foster-based organizations and shelters in areas of the country where the spay/neuter initiatives had been lacking. Within certain regions, animal over-population is a huge problem, giving struggling shelters no choice but to euthanize puppies in heartbreaking numbers.

The Monmouth County SPCA will maintain the number of animals rescued from struggling, over-populated shelters and continue recirculating a portion of adoption fees back to help aid in spay/neuter efforts of the origin shelters. The animals rescued will now be exclusively available for adoption at their Eatontown location, where with a new full-service veterinary clinic, has been seeing more foot traffic than ever. “We are proud of the message the Freehold Adoption Center has conveyed to the public about the horrific practices of puppy mills and the importance of adoption,” says Chief Ross Licitra, MCSPCA Executive Director and Chief of Humane Law Enforcement. Licitra added, “The Monmouth County SPCA’s goal of bringing awareness to puppy mill practices has been a tremendous success and has generated momentum to encourage adoption and responsible pet ownership throughout the state.”

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