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revolutionary nj mayersHIGHLANDS, NJ – Highlands historian Robert A Mayers’ new book “Revolutionary New Jersey-Forgotten Towns and Crossroads of the American Revolution,” was released in June. “The War at the Shore” chapters include vivid descriptions many obscure but critical events that occurred close to us along the Bayshore. The Battle of Navesink on Route 36 was actually a massacre. Small whaleboats attacked British Ships out of many ports south of Keyport. Skeletons are found in several places on Sandy Hook. Patriot Captain Huddy killed Loyalist leader Colonel Tye an escaped slave. Sea Bright shipwrecks led to fighting. Thousands of British soldiers passed through Atlantic Highlands and Highlands after the battle of Monmouth in 1778.


From his home on the Shrewsbury River, Mayers visited the sites of critical events of the intense warfare on the New Jersey coast during the American Revolution. He found that the War in Monmouth County was very different. It was really a civil war. At least half of the people remained loyal to Great Britian or often changed sides for security or economic reasons. Most of the fighting was done by the citizen soldiers from nearby towns. Many of these critical events and dreadful realities of the intense warfare in this area during the American revolution have been forgotten, neglected or lost in history. Many sites have entirely disappeared or have been built over by towns and highways. Many Jersey Shore residents who drive every day over heavily trafficked streets are completely unaware of the fierce struggles that occurred along their route during America’s most important war.

It is hoped that all readers of Bob Mayers’s newest book will acquire a new respect for the Revolutionary War events that often took place often in thier own backyards. The 400 page book contains over 50 pictures, maps and photos and was written to be enjoyed by everyone and not just hardcore history fans. Available from or  Visit BobMayers at 

Historian Mayers books include, The War Man, The Forgotten Revolution, Searching for Yankee Doodle, Revolutionary New Jersey and The Portrait of an American Family.

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