david prown 120

david prown 120“Hearts Beat Loud”  has zoomed to the top of my 2018 movie list.  A beautiful array of seemingly unconnected paths (bi-racial marriage & child, single parenting, inner city life, more mature child than parent, true parent- child love and respect, realized college dreams, lesbian relationships and more.

What magic in this PG-13 film starring the utterly engaging Kiersey Clemons who plays the college bound, uber talented, independent daughter who lights up every  scene.  Love how she wears her hair like an African American woman of decades ago. Wonder if an homage to her Mom who died in a street bike accident in Red Hook, NY when Samantha (Sam) was virtually an infant…just guessing.

Dad (Nick Offerman) is sort of down on his luck (small business owner, frumpy, not really engaging) – perfectly casted and acted.  He adores and highly respects his daughter.  There share a love of music and his support of her talents uncovers some of most special moments in the film. During the song sequences, take a moment to look around at the audience and notice the rocking, topping, nodding along to the very special music being sung.

Film includes Ted Danson, Toni Collette (a great talent) and the eternal Blythe Danner.  Sincerely wish we got to experience the latter

2 moreso in this film, but would probably would have compromised screen time for Clemons so screenwriters/director is forgiven – great call

Back order the latest Jurassic Park and/or Incredibles movies on your movie watching list, and go see/find “Hearts Beat Loud” – not many places.


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