david prown 120

david prown 120Traditionally I stay away from Sci Fi/High tech themed flicks and when you had in a no name cast, “Upgrade” was not on my radar.  But counter with a very high Rotten Tomatoes rating (85%) and a perfect time slot, off I went.

Better than I thought.    Set like 40 years in the future in a world blending what we know today and the super technology of the future, Trace is a private, high end classic card re-conditioner. His lady friend is the bread winner in the technology field.  

Driving home in a self driving card, the vehicles computer is hacked.  Together, they are taken to unsavory place where girl friend is killed and he is permanently paralyzed.

The car customer implants him with an A.I. device that both talks to Trace, gives him superhero strength and can take over his body plus allows him to walk again.

Pretty brutally violent in but tied to the star (Grey Trace played by Logan Marshall-Green)  as now a super hero of sorts.

Movie shows Trace navigating around the police (who are trying to solve the case and think he is paralyzed), find his lady friends killers who are similar computer enhanced killers and circumvent the evil intent of the STEM/A.I Creator.

Movie is pretty entertaining, action packed and moves along.

Also not to complicated for a dinosaur like me.

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