I’m writing regarding the upcoming District 4 congressional primary. Republican incumbent Chris Smith is running unopposed, but there are two candidates vying for the Democratic slot. It’s supposed to be a Democratic primary–but only one of the candidates behaves like a Democrat.

Candidate Josh Welle, a former serviceman and small business owner, has several times taken positions that align more closely with Rep. Smith. For example, he has stated that he would have voted for the current administration’s disastrous tax bill, which hurts New Jersey residents by disallowing local property tax exemption from federal taxes. In addition, he hedged on support for H.R. 676 (Medicare expansion) for months before coming around to supporting it in the face of strong support from District 4 voters. Finally, Welle’s recent FEC filings reveal campaign contributions from multiple tech, pharma and defense industry lobbyists, as well as folks like Peter Thiel, whose Palantir Technologies has been tied to Cambridge Analytica data mining operations.

All of these are troubling, but the links to Cambridge Analytica are beyond reproach and should be a non-starter for any respectable Democratic candidate. It seems to me there is only one Democrat – Jim Keady –running for congress in District 4.



Lisa Iannucci
Ocean Grove, NJ

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