david prown 120

david prown 120Highly recommend “Isle of Dogs” to anybody that appreciates unique terrific films.

Visually captivating and engaging, this story features a melting pot of themes and nuances.  Hard to describe but simply need to see to enjoy the complete “richness” of this film.

Story line not sexy as overpopulation of dogs in Asian country inspires dictator leader to banish all dogs to Trash Island.  Animation of the dogs reminded me a little of Davy and Goliath” Sunday am TV show from 50 years ago and all in a good way.  Not some sexy Pixar animation..almost collage like.

Don’t get caught up following the story 100% as there are lots of dogs/names plus interspersing of Japanese words (with sub-titles).  Just let the movie come to you.  Totally free “as I recall of any bad language, minimal violence and no nudity”.

I would think any kid 10 and up would enjoy.

I cannot imagine enjoying the visual of “Isle of Dogs” not in a movie theatre.

Itjust washed over me nicely and I bathed in its uniqueness

Lastly, I would take a sneak peek ahead of time just to familiarize yourself with the well-known voice over actors in this film. Do that just so you don’t get distracted during the film trying to place “the voice”.


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