The Garden State of New Jersey has at least 500 municipalities with 500 sets of ordinances on livestock and plants that a citizen can raise. Most towns have councils of 5 persons that decide which ordnances apply and which ones do not. It is not unusual for a vote of 3-2  to decide the fate of all the residents. For example some towns do not allow any livestock, including chickens. Others allow 4 chickens but no roosters; another may allow a dozen chickens and roosters. And there are a few where you can have all the hens and roosters you can care for. These are called farms. They feed everyone in the Garden State and some folks in New York City and Philadelphia. If you are not happy with your livestock ordnance, wait until November and vote for council people that believe in the Garden State.  One town is home to thousands of horses but the council voted 3-2 again homeowners owning chickens. Another town not only voted against home owners owning chickens but forbids the selling of chickens to anyone from any town. The bottom line here is that the people on the town council are nuts, they don’t know where their food comes from. There were no supermarkets 100 years ago. Today supermarkets try and buy local.



The state and federal government regulate firearm sale and use but the 500 municipalities in NJ have ordnances regarding the e use of firearms in their town. Most of the 500 municipalities allow some type of hunting or discharge of firearms. Most the county parks allow deer hunting with bow, shotgun or muzzle loader. Duck and goose hunting is all over on the waterways of New Jersey. Pheasant and quail hunting are allowed on the farms and meadows of New Jersey. There are about one million firearm owners in New Jersey that own about five million firearms. Hunting is the safest sport in New Jersey.  About 30,000 deer are killed by vehicles in New Jersey every year. At about $1000 per vehicle, that is about $30 million in damage, a low estimate.  Occasionally a deer will penetrate a wind shield and kill or injure an occupant. About 45,000 deer are killed by hunters. 100% of the venison is consumed. Kids in New Jersey start hunting with adults when they are 10 years old. The NJ free hunting class is held periodically at Fort Dix and Clinton WMA. After the Parkland tragedy, Gov. Rick Scott banned ammo and gun sales to 18-20 year old cops, vets, hunters. When classes of firearms and classes of people are banned from owning firearms the nation is on the way to banning all firearms and creating felons citizens. The three teachers that took bullets to protect their students would have and could have prevented the tragedy if they were allowed to carry their firearms in school. School custodians in Maine have carried firearms for over one hundred years. 30,000 black bears love school lunch.  Turn in your guns, the government will protect you. Think about this when you lock your car and home doors and set your alarm system. Better yet, go to your local police dept. and get your $5 lifetime firearm ID.



If Gov. Phil Murphy has his way, marijuana will be legal to buy, sell, use in New Jersey by 2019. Every day in New Jersey there are 2000 teen agers in alcohol and drug rehab. Some of them will not recover.  Every doctor and pharmacist will tell you that cannabis has short and long term effect that are not all reversible. Cannabis dulls all the senses. I asked a 20 yaer old why he voted for Phil Murphy. His answer , free college, $15 an hour and marijuana.  What else could a 20 year ask for?  The problem is he will never get or hold a $15 an hour job because the employers test for drugs. He will probably not finish college and he can never be a cop, teacher, nurse, pilot, CDL driver, military, and on and on.  Several towns and counties have already passed ordinances banning sale and possession of cannabis.  Several towns are already dry towns when it comes to alcohol. Bergen County is a dry retail county on Sunday. Will Bergen County ban cannabis sales all week or just on Sunday? No drug is allowed within 1000 feet of a park, playground, and school in NJ. You cannot hunt in New Jersey or any state if you smoke pot, You cannot buy, own, use a firearm in New Jersey or any state if you smoke pot. Violations of firearm and marijuana laws are a felony. There are a lot more down sides to pot then up sides, In fact there are no up sides.  Phil and Tammy Murphy have four school age kids, be careful of what you wish for.

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