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david prown 120The true storyline of “12 STRONG” tell about the 1st USA Special Forces team on the ground in Afghanistan post 9/11. We get introduced clearly to the complicated landscape, the even more complicated culture and the most complicated network of warlords who have their own issues.

This gives us good insight into why 17 years later we are still fighting a seemingly endless war. One of the warlords shared that the Russians have been fighting their country for some 2000 years without victory. He further explains, Russians, Americans and other countries are fighting to save/protect their own life….Afghans believe in a much better after-life and are not afraid to die. Hence why “this fight’/war” will never end in their eyes.

To learn that these soldiers traversed and battled predominantly on horseback is both unique and is takes one back to yesteryear. The intensity and camera angles of these seemingly endless battles puts the audience “right there too”.

This film is not getting a lot of love from the critics and I can understand why but at the end of the day it’s still an important piece of our history. A full size bronze commemorating this unit stands today in Liberty Park at the 9/11 Memorial in NYC.

A lot of the battle scenes, though entertaining , were a bit confusing in that there was so much action. Many of the battles involved the Americans fighting beside Afgans against other Afgans. At least to my eye, I had difficulty separating who was who.


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The unit does achieve its mission which was a “1st Step” in a much bigger mission and not even sure how that victory impacted today’s fight. But in one of the most tumultuous moments in US History, this was quietly till now, one heck of an achievement. Definitely a “big screen” film.

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