Dear Editor,

As an expert in the fields of Criminal Justice and Homeland Security, it seems to me that prosecuting convicted bomber Ahmad Khan Rahimi in state court when the feds already have him for life, is a useless public relations exercise for two-bit state prosecutors to become celebrities, tie up trial calendars, and pretend they are some kind of Seton Hall Law School version of Jack Bauer.

Ahmad Khan Rahimi of Elizabeth (originally from Afghanistan), left several homemade bombs around New Jersey and New York in September 2016, resulting in injuries to over 30 people (but no fatalities) and was found guilty in October 2017 of eight serious federal felonies related to the incidents. Later this month he will be sentenced by US District Court Judge Richard Berman. Rahimi is facing a mandatory life sentence.

Rahimi engaged in a shootout with police in Linden who were seeking to arrest him. During the exchange of fire, Rahimi himself was critically injured. As a result of the shootout, the State of New Jersey is also prosecuting Rahimi on charges relating to attempted murder of a police officer and weapons.

The State of New Jersey should use some common sense and recognize that prosecuting Rahimi is a moot point, because he will already spend the rest of his life in a super-maximum security federal prison. A state level prosecution only serves to build the resumes and egos of state prosecutors, at significant taxpayer expense. Victims seeking closure can take part in his upcoming federal sentencing hearing.

If these state prosecutors are as motivated as they say they claim to be, they should put their efforts into building an indictment against the Monmouth County Correctional Officers responsible for the 2010 homicide of 22-year-old Amit Bornstein in the county jail. Yet it seems when the terrorists are wearing a badge and uniform in New Jersey, all is forgiven.


Eric Hafner
Toms River, NJ

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