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david prown 120Florida project is a movie that a poster child for the uniqueness of independent movie making and movie theaters. How fortunate we playwrights, investors, movie house owners etc (I know I have missed many) who recognize the importance of “odd/unique and/or hard movies”

Florida Project has monster critical acclaim and I understand why.

This is a “hard movie” with nice whipped cream on the top but really uncomfortable undertones about a very real segment of our society.

Set in the poor side of the tracks of Disney World Florida at a run down hotel. William Dafoe is the manager & is the only known to this point actor in the film. Plays a rare role where he is very likable and we are rooting for sort of down on his luck chap.

This movie revolves around 3 near 6 years that are given free rein of the grounds of this very low end and dangerous in parts motel & beyond.

An ultra irresponsible Mom (Bria Vinai) leads a totally unfiltered life of no borders/no rule. Hence her best friend is daughter Moonee (played shockingly well by Brooklyn Prince) and her only child (we hope) is given and her undisciplined living and eating habits.

Not much of story line…well maybe. But the essence of the film and characters represent many less served adults and more so their children (who do to their situations are not children for long). You see kids simply dealt a bad hand and in ways are more likely than not to follow the same path in their adult life.

Uncomfortable to watch (very little violence, I think no sex, but plenty of bad language. This movie has really stuck with me.

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