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david prown 120The new movie “Wonder” stars a facially deformed 5th Grader (Jacob Tremblay who plays a terrifically smart and charismatic Augie Pullman.

Born with tons of physical only deficiencies, this young man endures 27 surgeries while being raised beautifully by Mom and homeschool teacher played by Julia Robert (who remains glowingly beautiful 30 years after we met her in over 25 years ago in Pretty Woman). Dad is played by fun, quirky Owen Wilson.

The story follows his transition from the safe confines of homeschool to the scary/challenging world of “real school” and the the personal angst we all went thru – then multiply a zillion-fold due to his looks (countered by his beautiful smarts and personality).

Folks this film is rated PG … not even PG-13. It oozes with smiles, cheers, tears and nice. Yes there are some bullying aspects and they are treated perfected. No violence, no cursing just a lot of “nice” – what a concept.

Based on the wildly successful novel of the same name, story is told in very easy to follow chapters as we learn not only about Augie but about others who his unique life he influences.

We learn of his remarkably supportive and loving older sister who is somewhat the forgotten sibling; her life long best friend who veers off for a while dealing with teen issues; Mom who puts her life/career on hold to guide this young man thru life and uber supportive Dad &husband who says/does sly the right things at the right time.

I spent a good bit of the movie teary eyed and at points crying – all good tears and felt great watching it. This story is a huge hit with middle school age children (theatre was loaded with that age (who adored the film and clapped loudly at the end and too sniffled throughout).

If you like to smile and cheer at a movie and yield a warm and happy ending (with some low hurdles along the way), WONDER is for you. I adored it.

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