Dear Editor:

The West Long Branch Website ( lists among the duties of the Borough Administrator “[s]tudying and making recommendations to the chief financial officer regarding the financial procedures and policy of the Borough and its departments and assisting the chief financial officer with the preparation of the annual capital and operating budgets.” The newly appointed Borough Administrator of West Long Branch Stephanie Murray has never served as a chief financial officer of a public entity, has never worked in finance, and did not earn a business degree in finance. According to her resume, her financial credentials are that she “performed financial duties” for a small publishing company that is out of business. One financial credential that she did not list on her resume is that she has had her home go into foreclosure as a result of an IRS tax lien for unpaid income taxes.

I surmise that Ms. Murray was not appointed Borough Administrator because of her financial credentials and skill but because of political patronage. Plain and simple, Ms. Murray has landed a plum government job where she can continue to feed at the public trough because she is an elected official in Middletown. If we ever really want to protect taxpayers, abuses like this must stop.  

Very truly yours,

Michael M. DiCicco
Red Bank, NJ

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Jackson Pines and Cranston Dean at Langosta

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