My name is Tom Giaimo and I have lived in Middletown all my life. While JCP&L’s proposed transmission line would not run next to my house, and would not affect me and my family directly, this project is one of the reasons I have decided to run for state office this November. Having long enjoyed the beauty of our parks, our historic districts and the overall quality of life of our communities, I am expressing my strong opposition to JCP&L’s Monmouth County Reliability Project (“MCRP”). JCP&L, with this proposed $111 million project, plans to install a 3rd 230 kV transmission line along NJ Transit’s railroad “right of way”, which runs from Aberdeen to Red Bank. This proposed transmission line is unnecessary, redundant, and will run through some of the most densely populated neighborhoods in our district. The proposed line would be placed over an active commuter rail line utilized by thousands every day. Moreover, it will run adjacent to schools, parks and homes, notwithstanding that studies have linked power line exposure to serious health risks such as cancer, childhood leukemia and Alzheimer’s. If installed, the project will negatively impact the health and safety of our citizens, including the most vulnerable, our youth and seniors. It will have a detrimental effect upon parks and schools adjacent to the rail line and will destroy the environmentally sensitive area known as the Navesink River Watershed. Without question, the homes next to or close to the proposed line will have their market value drastically reduced, in fact some properties will simply become unmarketable. Life in Middletown and in all the other impacted towns will be negatively changed to the detriment of its citizens and its taxpayers who would have to foot the bill for this project.

So with all these serious issues surrounding the proposed line, one wonders: why build it? And one should look no further than JCP&L’s parent company, First Energy’s earnings report, which states that “we continue to view the transmission business as our primary growth platform for many years to come.” It is reprehensible that JCP&L would even propose this project out of its need to increase its bottom line, at the clear expense of Monmouth County residents, and amid the mounting health, environmental and economic concerns.

As a NJ Assemblyman I will always advocate for policies that are future forward, environmentally conscious and most importantly, put people over profits. 



Tom Giaimo

Middletown Resident

Assembly Candidate, District 13

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