Dear Editor,

      For many years now I have enjoyed the arrival of an email containing the latest edition of the Atlantic Highlands Herald.  I always read most or all of the articles, although I admit that I have largely ignored Woody Zimmerman’s column because it always seems full of complaints against this person or that group or against some particular mind set.  That much negativity is just a time waster so I pass on his writings.  However his latest column entitled “Environmentalism’s Transgender/Gay-connection” (why is it hyphenated?) caught my eye so I decided to give it a read.

      After reading the article, I am so disgusted that I must completely cancel receiving your publication.  He is entitled to his beliefs of course but his pin-headed point of view so rudely goes against the peaceful vibe of the rest of your newsletter.  It doesn’t matter if you’re eating the most delicious meal you’ve ever had, but once you discover a maggot it’s ruined.  The maggot comparison is quite apt in that generally such piles of mindless, uneducated, and unwordly crap like his are surrounded by flies and stink like…well you know!

      I am canceling because YOU PERSONALLY, dear editor, are giving this simian a platform for spreading hate and ignorance, which he so proudly spews that he even puts his mug shot on it with your approval.  SHAME ON YOU and SHAME ON ANYONE that uses an otherwise respectable platform to project a downward drag on us all!  Why can’t you both do better than this?  It’s such a waste! 


Ron Knox

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