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david prown 120I have to say I am very perplexed. When I saw about a month ago that this movie “Tulip Fever” was starring Alicia Vikander Julie Dench and Christopher Waltz, I almost fell over.
These are 3 prime time, top shelf actors so I was very excited.

Without reading reviews but seeing “rating #’s”, I was stunned how poorly this movie was liked by fans and critics alike. I was totally perplexed and admittedly moved the idea of going to see to the back burner because of these numbers.

Then I caught up with a fellow movie groupie and she raved about it. I’ve always respected her opinion and we generally like the same films. She shared that this was an adult film (a.k.a. a bit steamy) but I would love it. Well I figured the odds were that the “steamy scenes” probably involved Miss. Vikander not Miss Dench so I figured what the heck.

I’ll cut right to the chase. Maybe the film was a little confusing (particularly in the area of the nomenclature and procedure of the buying and selling of tulip bulb futures – think the craziness of the Wall St. stock exchange floor just rewind a couple of hundred years). But it didn’t matter as you got the gist of what was happening and why. I really liked “Tulip Pitch”…had my attention right through.

This movie is like set in the early 1800s and the tulip bulb trade is exploding in the early turn of the century (in Holland).


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This movie is really about relationships, love, lust socioeconomic class, etc etc. Takes plenty of twists and turns and several big surprises and I’m telling you this movie really worked.
What was interesting was that I found myself rooting for everybody to get what they wanted.

Every minute Vikander and Dench are on the screen I am so locked in on these really remarkable actresses. And Christopher Waltz who is a movie famous uber mean guy does a 180 on us. A man of wealth and in need of an heir, essentially buys Vikander from an orphanage.

In this joyless marriage, she misses love and affection (but treasures the economic status) while he was all about having a son. You fully expect his typical on the edge anger/meanness to surface when she can’t get pregnant. Yet, in time, he really turns to love her over anything in his life.

I don’t think of this as a chick flick at all. I loved all the twists and turns and sub plots. I’m a frumpy, old bald guy and I totally enjoyed this film

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