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MIDDLETOWN, NJ – Middletown Township today announced that it will align solid waste collection with the current township-wide recycling collection program that will result in a cost savings for the majority of residential tax payers. The five-year contract was awarded to the lowest responsive bidder, Central Jersey Waste, and will commence in January 2018.

Currently the Township’s garbage collection is broken into two districts. Two thirds of the town is within the “Garbage District” where property owners pay a fee towards solid waste collection. The remaining third is “Out-of-District” where residents have to contract their own private solid waste company. Both districts pay for recycling collection through their regular municipal tax assessment since recycling is already collected on a township-wide basis.

The Township Committee chose to adopt township-wide garbage and recycling collection because there will be a cost benefit for the majority of our residents. “Through our Township-wide Garbage and Recycling Program, the vast majority of residents will see a cost savings, while others will remain flat or see a minimal impact, but all residents will receive enhanced services,” explained Mayor Gerry Scharfenberger. “However, if we maintain the status quo, there would be a cost increase for 100 percent of all residents.”

In addition to a cost savings to the majority of residential property owners, other benefits include:


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·         Better service by going from 24 to 26 recycling pick-ups per year;

·         Elimination of Saturday collections township-wide;

·         Standardized 96-gallon trash and recyclable containers township-wide. The containers will have an RFID tag to keep track of containers and minimize pick-up mistakes;

·         Two bulk pick-ups per month at no additional charge. Currently there is only one bulk pick-up per month for those within the district and zero for those who are outside the district.

“By awarding this contract for township-wide collection, residents will be receiving additional services and have fewer garbage trucks in their neighborhood,” said Township Administrator Anthony Mercantante. “We made a decision that would reduce costs for the majority of our residents, rather than increasing costs for everyone by maintaining the current system.”

Over the next few months, the Township will be focusing on a public education effort to help walk residents through the transition and address any questions.

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