school open drive carefully

school open drive carefullyHOLMDEL, NJ – As the new school year begins, ALL drivers are reminded to drive with extra caution when…

Approaching and entering a school zone,

Entering onto school property, or when approaching a school bus that is actively involved in receiving or discharging children.

In order to ensure the safety of our Township’s school children, Police personnel will be placing an added emphasis on monitoring the operation of motor vehicles on the roadways where local schools are located. And, our Officers will be proactively enforcing those parts of the motor vehicle code that pertain to school zones and school buses.


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In keeping with the safety of children, motorists are further reminded to use caution in the area of schools, EVEN AFTER the “school day” ends. Many children leave later due to extracurricular activities and sporting events.

In addition to Police Officers who are seen handling various traffic related duties at schools, civilian school crossing guards work at specific intersections that are near the schools to assist children in walking students safely to and from school each day.

Protocols for dropping off students at Holmdel schools:
• Students must be dropped off in the designated drop off/pick-up zones. Students should never be dropped off in the middle of the road or in the middle of parking lots.  Students should always exit vehicles curbside.
• NOTE: There is NO PARKING within 50 feet of a stop sign and NO PARKING within 25 feet of a crosswalk

• Motorists must abide by ALL traffic safety signs
• All vehicles must adhere to parking signs. NO PARKING SIGNS are not only designated for no parking, but also include not stopping or standing to drop off students.

• All violations will not only be enforced throughout the school year, during the school day, but also AFTER SCHOOL, and ON WEEKENDS.

– All pedestrians/students must cross the roadway at the nearest intersection.  Crossing mid-block is against the law and extremely hazardous to the well being of the student(s) crossing the roadway.

By working together, can we ensure that our children’s school is a SAFE DESTINATION.

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