Church Will Set Up Donation Trailer Drive on its Great Lawn

MIDDLETOWN, NJ – Westminster Presbyterian Church (WPC) has planted the seed for a community-wide effort to help Hurricane Harvey victims by setting up a Donation Trailer on its Great Lawn at 94 Tindall Road in Middletown. Texans all along the Gulf Coast and around the Houston area have been besieged by relentless rains and unprecedented flooding, suffering catastrophic losses. The damage assessment continues and cleanup is expected to last for months or even years.

According to Westminster’s Reverend Joseph Hein, “Our church was able to play an important role in the local Hurricane Sandy Relief Effort by helping many hundreds of people obtain essential supplies, weather the emotional crisis of the storm, and eventually recover and rebuild. Support for our victims here came from around the country and even around the globe. Now we have an opportunity to help other hurricane victims in the Houston area.  We plan to rally the congregation and the local community to respond with compassion and generosity that will go beyond making a financial contribution to the wonderful charitable organizations who are down in Texas helping survivors.”

Westminster church member, Jim Davis, has offered to put his company’s largest equipment trailer on the WPC lawn Great Lawn with a large sign asking the community to provide specific relief supplies including baby bottles and formula, diapers and wipes, mold-killing disinfectant, mops, brooms, shovels, dust masks, heavy-duty trash bags, work gloves, and personal supplies. When the trailer is full one of Davis’s employees will drive the trailer to the Houston area where he has a vested interest in helping the effort. He has a family member in Houston whose roof was torn off by Hurricane Harvey’s high winds. There will be a designated parking area near the trailer and specific drop point for the donations on the WPC Great Lawn through September 15th. 

Reverend Hein is expecting the surrounding community to fully support the effort.  “Even though it’s been five years since Hurricane Sandy hit, the devastation it caused is still fresh in everyone’s mind.  People here know what it’s like to have their lives shattered by a storm like Sandy so they’ll gladly do and give what they can to help Hurricane Harvey victims.” 


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Hein has been coordinating with Reverend John Roberts of Grace Presbyterian Church of Corpus Christi to establish a drop point for the Harvey relief supplies “Grace Presbyterian Church already has boots on the ground in Rockport Texas, near the epicenter of where Harvey hit,” Hein noted. Reverend Roberts will be coordinating the distribution of the donated goods once they arrive in Texas.

For additional information and updates about the WPC Help4Harvey Project visit  or the church’s Facebook Page


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