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david prown 120Last week I ranked/grouped all the 20+ movies I saw on the big screen in the 1st half of 2017. And ones like “A United Kingdom” and “A Zookeepers Wife” were extremely good. Few other decent ones then the falloff was significant….so I’m uber-jonesing for a MUCH BETTER 2nd half of ’17 …. please!

We are off to a very good start with “Baby Driver” starring newcomer Baby (Ansel Elgort) who slays the role and we root for this young man the moment his face hits the screen.

Yup, we know from the previews that he is the escape driver for armed robbers and his skills behind the wheel are uncanny and brilliant. We know he is doing a bad thing yet we are totally rooting for him (and him only).

The 1st “escape drive” we see is utterly brilliant because of his special relationship to music. Mom, a singer, positively introduced him to the magic of music. And after a tragic traffic accident, his hearing becomes impaired and impacted. Music becomes the filter that makes his hearing hiccups seemingly normal.

The musical director for this film chooses, in most cases, really obscure songs that totally capture the energy of the drive and Baby’s spirited, engaging singing/driving along energy. A scene shortly thereafter where he is walking with his trademark headphones fast in a busy city, cruising to the sounds of another killer song is unique & fun. How cool that the director took endless key words and symbols in the song and a wove them into the fabric of the walk as graffiti, signs, pictures and more. I was hooked.

As part of a “bad guy” group led by quasi father figure plauyed excellently by the stellar Kevin Spacey; we know things have to turn sour. And the previews tell of a very likable, innocent love interest (maybe his 1st, maybe her 1st). That side story plays a role in the film but doesn’t overwhelm or distract.

Even during the dark times (there is some serious gun violence) we are rooting for Baby always (right to the end).

We love his relationships with deaf, elderly, wheelchair bound foster Dad Joseph and his love interest Debora(h) play important incite and support the story line. Both relationship further amp up our rooting for Baby who clearly is a very good soul (who sort of made a deal with the devil).

Rated R for violence/language (no sex/nudity) and at 113 minutes is a home run. I think this movie will be a very big hit with the non super hero/comic book hero, special effects movie fan.

A very original movie and an absolute “Green Light” must go see on the big screen film…home about this weekend hint hint.


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