The races for State offices this year are going to be exciting and I can’t wait for the truths, half-truths, or no truths be told.  Who knows how one will vote this year.  The water is very rough. One side remains angry. The other side who hung too close to Christie’s coat tail is very vulnerable.

To get my vote:

Reform Property Tax: Remove school tax from property tax. Flawed formula to think, as one ages, one’s income will keep pace as property tax increases. Make the tax responsibility shared among all residents, not just the property owner. Base school tax on earned income to increase the pool by adding those that earn income but do not own property. Dedicate a sales tax to catch income that is not documented or reported and only is exposed when goods/services are bought. Then, level the playing field. Eliminate Abbott Districts. Make all Districts compete for funding based on need. Hold Districts accountable for how effectively the funds are used before evaluating the needs for the upcoming year.

Address Illegal immigration: Must establish path to citizenship for those like Carlos Larios. BUT, on the flipside, must change the law where a baby born in the US must have at least one US citizen parent to become an immediate US citizen. With this leverage removed and the line drawn, illegal immigration must be enforced. Sanctuary cities must obey the established law and Businesses that employ illegal immigrants, after the line is drawn, should be heavily fined; perhaps certification not renewed.

Support Monmouth Park Sports Betting:  Fools and more fools to think one will travel only to two places that happen to be at the opposite ends of the State to place a bet when one easily crosses to PA and NY race tracks to make a bet. The risk of economic impact, and loss of jobs and tax revenue is too great. Don’t let Monmouth Park be another Ft Monmouth. 

Repatriate foreign profit tied to US investment and job creation:  American companies have more than a trillion dollars in profits made overseas after foreign taxes have been paid but won’t bring the profit back to the US because the 35% US tax would apply. Why build a facility in the U.S. when it can be built in Ireland at 17% tax rate.  We must bring these businesses back to the U.S. and change the tax rate to a flat rate or a sliding scale based on the amount invested and the total number of jobs created.  Companies are spending profit but not in the U.S or NJ. Advocate for change and then promote “Why not NJ” to capture the business.

My vote will only be gained by solutions not flowery talk. 


Patrick Short

(Former – Middletown Township Committeeman)

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