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david prown 120Movie pickings continue to be very slim here in still 2017. Went to see the movie “Everything Everything” because the story line reminded be of the huge 1976 TV movie “The Boy in the Plastic Bubble” starring pre-Saturday Night Fever star John Travolta (but well known from his “Welcome Back Kotter” sitcom show). Folks, back in the day, I think everybody in America saw that movie and everybody was talking it the next day and beyond

Can’t really remember the details of that film but generally the story lines were pretty similar I think with “Everything Everything”. In both, an intense immune deficiency medical issue forces engaging good looking, smart young person is forced to live their lives inside a sealed/safe walls.

When cupid arrives in the form of an equally attractive neighbor, relationships grow rapidly and inspire the risk taking of actually meeting & touching plus experiencing the outside world.

In the 2017 version, both young actors (but actually all 5 actors in the film) are extremely good looking (arguably a bit distracting). In the spirit of 2017, the relationship is interracial and plus a Latina component is added in the way of Maddy’s (the “sick” young lady) long time in-house nurse and her daughter (only youth visitor she has ever had).

Being raised by her Mom (both Dad and young brother died years ago in a car addict), Maddy (Amandia Stenberg) is given furnished with everything possible to have a normal and stimulated life to give the feeling of being outdoors, academic tools to thrive and be inquisitive and technology tools. She loves to read, write and do art while traditional electronic distractions play a very minimal role in her life.

Hence she is remarkably sweet, innocent and mature, kind and respectful. When new she makes eye contact through the window with new neighbor and hunka hunka Olly (Nick Robinson), magic happens and the predictable happens.

Quick thought, I know this later film was based on a recent teen novel. Wonder where the heck the author came up with Olly (I’m sure short for Oliver). That is an uber rare name and rarer nickname in this modern day. Sorry, for the detour there.

It was a nice movie with lots of good looking people to watch. Parent twist at the end I didn’t see coming (probably should have). Film might catch on with teen girls but beyond that, will be a tough box office sell.

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