david prown 120

david prown 120I am trying to bring my 6 year old grandson into the world of movies/going to the movies. Scary scenes even in PG kids movie scare him a bit so have to be careful what I pick.

“Smurfs: The Lost Village” had your typical scary scenes of chase scenes, bad people and scary music, but he made it thru and enjoyed. I made it through too and didn’t fall asleep once.

I need to remember when I go to animated films to look in advance what well known actors are doing the voice over (or it drives me nuts and distracts me from the film). Figured out Many Patinkin pretty quick but missed Julia Roberts. Would never have figured out singers Demi Lovato or Meghan Trainor along with TV actor Rainn Wilson.

No need to delve into the story but the box office success is a big tell of its popularity. I don’t think I had ever scene a “smurf-anything” before (movie, TV show). Had a “7 Dwarfs” feel with each Smurf having a theme (brains, muscles, nosy and many many many more.

All Good

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